An Evaluation For Optimizing Construction And Operation Costs Of Metro Systems

Mehmet Tarık DÜNDAR, Zübeyde ÖZTÜRK
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In this paper, it was summarized with the same named continuing PhD Dissertation of the author. The topic of this study; developing a method for, calculating and offering the most pertinent solution to a metro system’s construction and operation costs which includes different alternatives for capacity, train sets, construction methods, etc. For this purpose, a software has been developed for optimizing metro systems construction and operation costs. This software shall be used as basis source for the feasibility studies done for metro systems. Finally, the study aims to offer; proposed software model must meet the estimated transport demand for the target year, and also satisfies minimum construction and operating costs with alternatives. BB-BC Genetic Algorithm method and Results of the Simulator X were used for the optimization.

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Metro, Construction costs, Operating costs, Cost Optimization

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39-51 (English)


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