Design of Electronic Data Acquisiton Unit for Laser Tomography System

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In this work design of electronic data cquisition unit for Laser Tomography (LT) system has been represented. Electronic hardware, Embedded software, PC interface programs have been developed for this purpose. 850 nm 20 mW laser source has been used to test the device validity check. General purpose photodiode acquired required back reflected laser light. 6 different integration times has been used for data acquistion test. 10 microseconds to 300 microseconds integration times were specific test criteria. 10 microseconds integration time resolution has been achieved. Pic18f2550 microcontroller (Microchip, Boise, ID) has been used to control the device main board and for data transfer process. DDC112 analog current input digital voltage output analog to digital converter (ADC) Burr-Brown products of Texas Instruments integrated circuit has been used for data conversion purpose. The device has been tested on left arm by laser source and general purpose pn photodiode.

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