Determining of the Optimal Turning Parameters Using the Response Surface Methodology in Powder Metallurgical Tool Steel

Alaattin KAÇAL, Ferhat YILDIRIM
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The influence of cutting parameters on the surface roughness in turning of PMD 23 powder metallurgical (PM) steel was investigated in this work.  With three different cutting speeds, feed rates, depth of cuts and two different types tool geometry of carbide inserts were determined as cutting parameters Taguchi L18 orthogonal array was used to design of experiment. In order to find out the effect of cutting parameters on the average surface roughness (Ra) and prediction model of Ra, response surface method (RSM) was used. The results obtained by RSM revealed that the feed rate was dominant parameter on changes in Ra. The developed predicting model of Ra can be effectively used on PMD 23 PM steel within 95% confidence intervals ranges according to the experimental parameters.

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272-280 (English)


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