Effect of Irradiation Dose and Storage Time on the EPR Signal Intensities of Gamma Irradiated Sulfapyridine

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Abstract:The interest in sterilizing the medicine using gamma energy is increasing. However, radiation may cause molecular degradation in the sample and thus may lead to the formation of free radicals due to high energy. This study aims to determine the radiation sensitivity of sulfapyridine (SU) irradiated with a predetermined dose using EPR spectroscopy. In the EPR spectra recorded at room temperature prior to radiation process, no EPR signal was observed. However, after the irradiation with gamma rays, EPR signal intensity increased significantly based on the irradiation dose.Mathematical functions and correlation coefficients were calculated determining the relation between the increasing radiation doses on the signal intensities of the sample. The stability of the free radicals created after the irradiation in time was investigated by recording the spectra of the sample irradiated with a dose value of 15 kGy in certain intervals. The results were found to be in good agreement with the existing literature data.

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